our services

I run a professional team focused on short term rental management.

We are here to help you the property owner enjoy the best return on your investment. You relax, we take the hard work off you by taking on all your hosting responsibilities and offering a service to welcome your guests.

The range of services we offer includes assessing your property and getting it ready for guests, advertising your property, managing guests from initial inquiry, reservations, welcoming, responding and reviewing, managing all calendar bookings, replenishing essentials, cleaning, maintenance and provide a personal concierge service.

We are located and focused in the Bondi and eastern suburbs area.

List creation

We meet with you, view the property and get the property right for listing. Photos are the most important aspect so we can arrange for good well lit professional photos to highlight your key features. We will take the time to create the content and list your property on Airbnb and other booking platforms. We will optimise your listing with a creative, warm and personal touch.

Bookings and pricing

Using modern analytics combined with unsurpassable local knowledge, anna at bondi will create a tailored pricing strategy and attract the maximum exposure for your property. Our service will continually monitor, update and adjust pricing to optimise bookings at a granular level ensuring maximum return for each night, season and big event.

Guest screening, communication and reviews

We take this very seriously. We work with strict vetting procedures for all guests to ensure the right guests for you. You'll be assured of prompt responses to all inquiries, good clear dialogue and a consultative style approach. After each guest check-outs we send a review and follow through with feedback, so you achieve a great level of satisfaction. Good reviews are essential for a successful rental.

Meet and greet

We welcome your guests upon arrival, explain your home, the area and remain available to assist them during their stay. We can also offer a self check-in option so your guests have a seamless, automated, 24/7 check-in.

Professional cleaning and replenishments

We use local professional cleaners to clean your property after your guests leave, paid for by your guests. Our team will manage the change over of linens and towels, ensure clean spotless homes and a high level of comfort for your guests. We will monitor and restock the essential supplies as well as the welcome gift and aim to use local Bondi products.

Account management

A single point of contact helps you focus on other important aspects of your life. No need for arranging cleaners, inspections, guest vetting, billing and all the laborious tasks involved with short term rentals, we take that all away and give you that single hand to shake.


We have a team of skilled professionals who can maintain your property and manage repairs for you. We receive and manage guest calls if something goes wrong, dispatching a handyman or service technician when needed.

Discerning extras

anna at bondi will set you apart from others. Our styling and concierge services are some examples of how we bring that extra value add to your guests. We will even tailor unique experiences for your guests if required to deliver that special touch. Our goal is to make your individual experience better and we always strive to go above and beyond to make this happen.


Call anna on +61 419 242 092